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Choose an activity from the list below:
  1. Lakes International Language Academy
  2. Profe Erin's Class Website 
  3. Encyclopaedia Britannica (Spanish)  username: lakesint  password: lakesint
  4. Google Junior
  1. Type the number you hear (Spanish)
  2. Fill in the missing digit
  3. Add three or more numbers with four or more digits
  4. Math OLPA Sample Test (Safari Only)
  5. Telling Time Game (Spanish)
  6. Subtracting 4 digit numbers
  7. Story problems: Subtraction up to 3 digits
  8. Subtraction: Fill in the missing digits
  9. Addition and Subtraction Story Problems
  10. Addition and Subtraction Bar Modeling Practice
  11. TenMarks
  12. Dream Box


How we organize ourselves

How we express ourselves

How the world works
Who we are
Where we are in time and place
Sharing the planet